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The Nail and Needle: The Evolution of a "Made in Montana USA" Home-based Business

Updated: Feb 2

Cyanotype: "a camreraless photography technique that involves laying an object on fabric or paper coated with a solution of iron salts before exposing it to UV light then washing with water..." (

Marketplace on Main is a small business built entirely of other small businesses. I’d like to tell you more about the evolution of one of our most active vendors, The Nail and Needle. This Made in Montana USA business is based right here in Glacier County and was created by local resident, Jessica Seifert. Her dad is a carpenter, and her mom has always worked with needle and thread. She has been greatly influenced by both, so the business is named in their honor. Jessica’s objective with her beautifully crafted pieces is “to bring graceful nostalgia to our modern lives”.

Ten years ago, Jessica started making jewelry, repurposing furniture, and crafting wood pieces. From time to time her line included a few textile items. Now her business is primarily textile-based. Her production method includes many small manageable steps to accommodate a busy life and her kids’ naptimes. While she purchases new fabrics from time to time, Jessica’s process repurposes thrifted, found, and gently used fabrics to give a nostalgic note to new items. As fabric is cut, the scraps are saved for smaller projects. Many of her pieces lean toward prairie, farmhouse, and rural images, and they are made to be lived with and used. Her focus for 2024 is to reduce waste in her process and create products that reflect the simplicity of a rural lifestyle.

These items by The Nail and Needle are currently available in The Market: stamped notecards featuring local communities, rural-themed dish towel bundles, adorable baby

onesies, children’s cloth “mark as you grow” hanging growth charts, beautiful blue cyanotype scarves, hankies, and pillows, kid’s fleece hats, and “Grain Elevator” and “Home” stamped pillows. Prices for Jessica’s irresistible handmade items are very affordable, so it’s easy to take a piece “graceful nostalgia” home with you.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jessica’s creativity and interest in promoting rural community extends beyond The Nail and Needle. A little over a year ago, she partnered with the Cut Bank School District’s Adult Education program and initiated the popular Cut Bank First Friday sessions. We, along with other downtown businesses, serve as host sites. Artists, chefs, bakers, and makers teach classes each month. She is also the micro-baker behind Grown at 48, featuring tasty goods she makes with locally sourced ingredients and those she grows herself. Her latest venture is Local Fare which gives the foodies in our community the opportunity to purchase “homegrown and homemade” directly from the source. Local Fare sets up at Cut Bank Marketplace on Main the third Saturday of the month from 11-1.  

We’re honored that Jessica has chosen to make her small businesses part of OUR small business.


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